Jakarta is a city of smokers, but its vape bars are under threat of government crackdown – ABC Online

In an inner-city vape bar, a group of hip, tattooed 20-something Jakartans slouch against a high, glass-topped table.

In Australia, they’d be at home in a Newtown cafe or a Bondi bar. Here, they’re vaporistas.

Periodically, one of them sucks on a small rectangular e-cigarette, or ‘mod’, and exhales a dense white cloud of nicotine-tinged water vapour.

“I vape because it’s healthier than smoking. It doesn’t have carcinogens, which can cause a lot of sickness,” 21-year-old Dika Kurniadi says.

“Vaping is helping me to reduce my smoke consumption, because I was a heavy smoker. I feel my body is healthier.”

I’m not sure if he’s being serious. Vaping is hardly healthy.

In fact, scientists say there are toxic substances in the superheated vaping liquid, but it’s probably better for you than smoking.

Indonesia’s vapers are mostly young, and bars like the unambiguously named Ministry of Vape are popping up all over the place in Jakarta.

In a city with few public spaces, these bars are popular and cheap hangouts.

There are tables full

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