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Mike Force

There is no greater tool in the upperclassman’s toolbox than the vape pen. Does your three-hour biology lecture seem tedious? Vape in the bathroom. Is your roommate’s girlfriend invading your personal space every weekend? Vape in the bathroom. Need a quick fix as you run from class to your evening job? Vape in the bathroom.

You can also vape in places other than the bathroom, and you’ll never need to pack a pipe or worry about stinky smoke killing your high again. And, because vaping activates pot’s compounds without actually burning plant material, it might even be healthier than smoking. Welcome to the future, where getting high has never been so easy.

Now that I’ve convinced you to buy a vape pen, what are your options? Like everything in the world of legal weed, the maze of vape products can be confusing to navigate. Weed vapes can be divided into three categories based on what kind of cannabis material goes into them: flower, wax, or concentrate cartridges.

Ignore the first two forms, which offer none of the

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