“I thought a grenade went off:” Rare e-cig explosions, fires cause severe injuries – Alabama's News Leader

Man injured while vaping{ }

As the popularity of e-cigarettes increases so do the number of very serious incidents involving explosions and fires from the devices’ lithium ion batteries overheating.

“I thought a grenade went off,” recalls Blake Chastain when his e-cigarette exploded. He only had it a week. Chastain nearly lost his eye.

“It is rare, but when it does happen the injuries are pretty severe,” explains UAB Hospital Emergency Room physician and toxicologist Dr. Justin Arnold. He says they’ve seen deep facial burns and burns on thighs when an e-cigarette explodes in someone’s pocket.

A federal report from the U.S. Fire Administration found a big jump in incidents from 2014-2016 as e-cig sales jumped. A number of smokers say the use e-cigarettes help them to quit smoking or cut down on their nicotine cravings.

Also concerning is the risk of children ingesting the flavored liquid refills. In 2014 the local poison control office had 117 calls and 49 so far this

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