How a startup behind the 'iPhone of vaporizers' reinvented the e-cigarette and generated $224 million in sales in a year – Business Insider India

JUUL Labs Juul is the best-selling e-cigarette on the market, with 32% of the market share of the total e-cigarette category, according to Nielsen data. The device was created by Stanford graduate students as part of their thesis. The Juul system uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that the company says makes it taste more like a cigarette.

When two graduate students at Stanford set out to turn cigarette smokers on to alternatives in 2007, the solution seemed obvious: Make an e-cigarette that tastes like a cigarette.

Juul, an e-cigarette system consisting of a pocket-size vaporizer and nicotine juice cartridges that can be swapped in and out, is now the best-selling e-cigarette in America.

While most e-cigarettes use a type of nicotine called ” free-base ,” which passes quickly into the bloodstream when inhaled, the cartridges that Juul Labs sells – Juulpods – contain a concentrated juice cocktail of salts and organic acids found in tobacco leaves. This blend more closely resembles the ingredients found in a cigarette, and therefore tastes more like one, according to

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