High Buy: Best Vape to Switch Between Dry Herb and Concentrates – High Times

You’ve probably heard a lot about vaping wax and concentrates lately. If you browse High Times Magazine, you may have even become more curious about switching from dry herb to concentrates. But do you want to invest in a dabber that only vapes concentrates, if you’ve never taken a dab hit? Probably not.

That’s where the Prohibited In the 5th Degree Vaporizer comes in.

With a large-capacity cartridge to vape your favorite dry herb strains, you can start with what you’re used to. If you choose to shop for concentrates at your next dispensary visit, you can pop in your wax cartridge and give it a try without purchasing any more equipment.

The Dual Quartz/Titanium Concentrates Cartridge that comes with your In the 5th Degree Kit offers variable voltage and temperature settings. This allows you to toggle between low voltage for a smaller dab hits to medium and high voltage options for more powerful rips. It heats up almost instantly and produces clean, smooth vapor, and with dual quartz rods/titanium coils, you’ll enjoy maximum flavor of your concentrates.


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