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Whether you are new or experienced, it can be easy to get confused by the different power vaping devices in the market. Vaping mods come in various shapes and sizes. Getting to know the difference between the various mods available and choosing the best option can certainly seem overwhelming. However, getting to know your vaping mod is much easier than you think.

What are Vape Mods

The term “mod”  originated from the word modification as vapers built or modified their own electronic cigarettes. Vape mods are much larger than vape pens and produce more vapor than vape pens. Due to their bulkier battery, they boast improved throat hit and enhance e-juice flavor making them popular with users. Some are quite large making it less easy to carry around.

Thanks to the use of variable voltage batteries, vape mods allow users to adjust the power to increase or decrease vaporization. They also feature larger tanks compared to vape pens allowing you to fill more of your cuttwood eliquid and vape for longer and on the go.

Vaping Mods are categorized into

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