Flavorful New Vape Trend Lights Up 5Cs – The Student Life

Fruit-flavored vapors are spreading through outdoor public spaces around the 5Cs. But it’s not the result of the Motley’s blender working again – it’s the next big trend in smoking, and it comes in five different flavors.

Often called “cigarettes for the next generation,” JUULs are a cross between e-cigarettes and vapes that contain nicotine. The website advertises JUULs as using “nicotine salts as found in the tobacco leaf rather than free-base nicotine, unlike standard e-cigarettes.”

Considered elegant by some, JUULs look like flash drives and are chargeable through a USB port.

“If you look at all the anti-smoking ads, [juuling and vaping] is kind of like our generation’s little loophole, like we’re not going to smoke but we’ll sneak in there with something else,” said a first-year Scripps student who wished to remain anonymous about her juuling habits.

JUULs were released by PAX Labs, a San Francisco-based electronic cigarette company, in 2015, and quickly gained a reputation as a “high-end” alternative to cigarettes. As of 2014, about 2.4 million middle and high school students used e-cigarettes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and

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