FDA Trouble Ahead For Vaporizer Stocks? – Seeking Alpha

Since cannabis is illegal as far as the United States federal government is concerned, the Food and Drug Administration, a.k.a. the FDA, cannot actually regulate devices related to its consumption. While cannabis is classified as Schedule I alongside heroin, tobacco certainly isn’t.

The vaporizer devices that many use to consume nicotine-infused e-liquids are oftentimes used to consume cannabinoid concentrates and more. Because of this dual functionality of many of these devices – retailers, distributors, and marketers of many vape devices can be seen advertising them as useful for either.

While this multi-use ability of these devices may have boosted sales, it has also caused the FDA to step in. No matter what you call your vape, there’s a high chance the FDA considers it an “electronic nicotine delivery system,” and therefore, regulating such devices fall within the FDA’s purview.

While many popular e-liquids used in these devices have recently been shown to contain irritants, and much of California’s cannabis supply chain has recently been proven to be riddled with pesticides, the FDA is not worried about what you’re putting

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