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In the last ten years, electronic cigarettes have exploded from non-existence to a $3.5 billion industry. An industry which up to a few months ago the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), seemed set on destroying.

Last August, the FDA announced a major shakeup to the agency’s policy on e-cigs which included a PMTA deadline delay.

The infamous deeming rule has rocked the vaping world and led to the demise of several small well meaning vaping businesses. Many of these ventures were set up by ex-smokers who managed to quit with the help of e-cigarettes and were motivated to share the products that helped them quit with the rest of the world.

Then last August, the FDA announced a major shakeup to the agency’s policy on e-cigarettes which includes the de-nicotinization of cigarettes, and a PMTA deadline delay. Following that announcement, the FDA had issued a guidance titled Extension of Certain Tobacco Product Compliance Deadlines Related to the Final Deeming Rule, in order to formalize and explain this deadline extension.

The further extension of premarket review compliance deadlines covered by

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