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An Ohio man is suing his son’s high school after the latter was given a season-long suspension from the football team for having an electronic cigarette on school grounds.

The student, A.J. Vega, was given a two-day in-school suspension after he was caught earlier this month with a vape pen while playing basketball at Hoover High in North Canton.

“A.J. was playing basketball at the school and a vape pen, you know, one of those electronic cigarettes, I guess, fell out of his pocket,” the family attorney, Warner Mendenhall, told Fox 8. “One of the coaches came up. They asked him, ‘Is this yours?’ He admitted it.”

The father argues that, while he agrees the teen should be punished, the season-long suspension in unduly harsh and doesn’t fall within the school’s policy.

Mendenhall says that in the past students who were caught with tobacco or vape pens were usually given one-game suspensions. Vega has already missed three games.

According to Fox 8, the father

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