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Thursday, Nov. 16 is the Great American Smokeout, the day when the American Cancer Society calls on Americans to quit smoking. Last year, a U.S. Surgeon General report revealed that the most commonly used tobacco product among teens and young adults is e-cigarettes. In fact, vaping has skyrocketed by 900 percent in the last five years, and is a significant public health concern. Pulmonary specialist Dr. Mario F. Perez discusses the hazards of the growing e-cigarette and vaping trend with UConn Today.

Q. What are the health impacts of using e-cigarettes and vaping?
The liquid in e-cigs or vapes usually has nicotine, a derivative of tobacco, which is addictive, plus they can often have flavoring or other potentially harmful chemicals that can be inhaled as tiny particles deep into the lungs. Studies have shown that those who vape may have more upper airway respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat, etc. Also, recently at least three studies have linked vaping with asthma in teenagers. However, there are only a few human studies so far, and no long-term study has been published

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