Coming Down With The Vapers – The Philadelphia Citizen

I want to start by saying this: Vaping looks dumb. In the realm of things that you can do to yourself publicly and voluntarily, it’s right up there with getting a face tattoo or gauges. It’s pretentious and disruptive. But I can think of another socially acceptable thing that you can do that’s dumber.

And that thing is smoking.

You probably don’t need me to run down the stats about smoking, because many of you have likely lost a loved one to a nicotine addiction. But I’ll do it anyway, because every anti-smoking column needs some grand guignol. In 2011, the last time the CDC catalogued smoking information in the state, 22.4 percent of Pennsylvanians admitted to consuming tobacco in cigarette, cigar or dip form. The grimmest fact of all, and the most pitiful: Lung cancer, largely caused by tobacco addiction, is the leading cause of cancer mortality in Pennsylvania.

Vaping and e-cigarettes represent the last, best hope for many smokers who find it nearly impossible to break their chemical dependency on nicotine. Smokers who switch to vaping and e-cigarettes are

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