City Looks To Stomp All Vape Shops Out Of Existence – The Daily Caller

Officials in a New York town are gearing up for an all-out crackdown on electronic cigarettes with a proposal to ban vape shops from their community.

Lawmakers in Lindenhurst Village will debate the proposal during a hearing at Village Hall Tuesday, which also includes a ban on all hookah lounges and medical marijuana dispensaries in the town. The blanket ban applies to any “business operation, whether as its primary use or as an ancillary use, [that] includes the smoking or selling of vapors, e-liquids, or other substances that are smoked through an electronic cigarette,” reports Newsday.

The town currently has two vape shops, which officials say will be grandfathered in under the proposed ordinance. Mayor Mike Lavorata told Newsday, “I don’t think these are the kinds of places we want to have,” adding that vape shops in the community “just gives a less-than-family-friendly impression.”

Critics of the ordinance say it effectively kills business opportunities for what are largely family-owned establishments. They also note that the ban cuts off access to a safer product for a community that is actively using vaping devices

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