Can I vape with asthma? – University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

Hey Doc, it’s me again. I’ve been having some issues. My medical condition has prevented me from doing my everyday activities. I am conflicted: Do I forgo my health for what society deems acceptable? Or do I stand up for myself and my values, although it may not be the “cool” thing to do? I am utterly and wholly stuck. Doc, I really want to vape, but I can’t because of my mild seasonal asthma. It might literally kill me, but it looks so cool.

The first time I vaped, everything happened so fast. Chad handed me a handsome, silver-backed vape pen, called “The Annihilator,” and with trembling hands, I drew in the biggest breath I had ever taken in my life. For one glorious moment, I felt the nicotine, mixed with propylene glycol and glycerin, manifest in my lungs and I felt that sweet, sweet burn. Approximately two seconds later, I felt a small tickle in my throat. I tried to politely cough, but what initially was a southern-belle’s “ahem,” turned into violent hacking from a bubonic-plague-ridden chimney sweep. Doc,

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