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Urban Vapor Loft

Some smokers may have exchanged their cigarettes and, you know, actual smoke for vaporizers, but the social experience of the activity has not been lost on a new, more tech-savvy generation. Each of Vapor Loft’s three Treasure Valley locations has a curated, chilled-out vibe. Add to that a broad selection of vape flavors and eCigarette devices, and that’s a recipe for loyal customers who have voted to make Vapor Loft the Best of Boise.

2nd Place: Vape—Ubiquity pays—just ask Vape, which has grown rapidly since it first started retailing eCigarette devices in 2013. Since then, it has grown to 11 locations from Emmett to Twin Falls, thanks to its huge selection of vaporizers, vape fluids, components, accessories and more.

3rd Place: Volt Vapes—The concentrate used in vaporizers goes by many names: “juice,” “fuel” and “blend” are just a few. Volt Vapes is there to make sense of the seemingly infinite flavor possibilities of eCigarettes, and stocks some of the best vape hardware, concentrates and more—all of it made in the United States.

3rd Place:

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