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Australian state considers even tougher vaping crackdown

A leading Australian public health expert warned on Thursday that the health minister of New South Wales is unwise in considering a ban on vaping anywhere that smoking is already prohibited, which in New South Wales means all indoor and most outdoor public places. Dr Colin Mendelsohn, a tobacco treatment specialist and associate professor at the state’s main university, says that there is no evidence to justify a blanket ban and that a “more nuanced” approach to vapour products is needed.

Unfortunately the Cancer Council and other anti-harm reduction groups are lobbying intensely for harsher laws, and health minister Brad Hazzard seems sympathetic to their demands. Wendy Oakes from the Heart Foundation claims, “We don’t actually know what’s in the e-cigarette vapour,” in the latest example of activists misleading politicians about the state of the science. Now Hazzard seems to be repeating the propaganda, saying that “We all thought e-cigarettes were a happy medium but now… research is unfolding that they’re problematic.” Hazzard also called for a “national approach”, presumably meaning enforcing the

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