Ask a Stoner: Can I Save the Hash Oil From a Broken Vape Cartridge? – Westword

Dear Stoner: I have a broken hash-oil cartridge. Can I open it up and eat the oil? Maybe put a drop or two in some food or a drink? I don’t want that sweet juice going to waste.
Steady Buzz

Dear Steady Buzz: There are a few factors to consider when ingesting hash oil, especially if it’s in a vaporizer cartridge. First, you need to see if the THC in the hash oil is activated, or THCa. Hash oil made with decarboxylated cannabis has activated THC, so it doesn’t require heat to release the psychoactive effects before ingestion. If it’s not decarboxylated, you’ll have to heat it for ten to fifteen minutes at around 220 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, you’ll want to figure out how much the oil weighed before you started using it, and how many milligrams of THC were in it. This will help you dose your infused food or drink.

You can still vape the oil if you have the right syringe and an empty vaporizer cartridge.

Herbert Fuego

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